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Content Information - What this Web Site Contains?

Sri R. Kannan cordially welcomes you to this Webpage. This serves his valued visitors as the Front Office and Reception Counter of his personal Website, ever eager to facilitate and share with them all relevant information regarding this initiative of his.

This is the Personal Website of R.Kannan, a retired bank executive settled at Hyderabad, India, after 40 years of service in various parts of the country in varied positions. The Site portrays a vivid description of his career-long crusade against corporate corruption encountered by him in a premier Nationalised Bank in the country that he served. This is the first objective of the site, i.e. sharing his unique experiences in his career/service with all. Needless to point out that the site primarily is aimed as a relentless crusade against corporate corruption. Such crusade is not the end, but the means for securing better corporate governance of the banking institutions of our country.

The second objective is to organise bank officers to withstand and further to carry out fearlessly and candidly their functions and duties. This is despite being encircled in a polluted environment of today's public services, with controlling elements, some of whom are not with purer or sober intentions. What are the resources for self-preservation in a corporate world, mixed with threats and opportunities? What particularly are the inputs for talent building to meet the threats, and what are the inner qualities that will help to identify and tap all the emerging opportunities?

By way of answer for the second objective, the site describes Mr.Kannan's programme for his life after retirement (since 1996) and his present schedule of activities; special modules covering service related matters of interest to all public servants; his keen interest in literary pursuits; in particular on projects related to Banking; Finance and Management as his choice areas - all relevant to Bank officers, as also to other public servants both serving and retired. His lead project is titled "Integrity in Public Life and Service". There are various other projects of interest to one devoted to a career in a banking and other public services,- all listed with direct links provided in the table of content, in the bar at the beginning of this webpage.

In a candid Message that Mr.Kannan addresses his fellow bankmen currently in service and aptly questions them - "when you are honest, can you always consider yourselves safe and secure with confidence?" He then describes the pitfalls in the current day Public Services and the necessary safeguards that one should adhere to.

The site also deals vividly with the current day problems of the Indian Banking Scenario. It more particularly analyses thread-bare the raging problem of NPA (Non Productive Assets). The subject of NPA has come to the forefront of banking scenario of the country since the early Nineties. NPA is controlled in the banking institutions of India. Today it serves as an effective regulatory tool. The impact of globalisation on Indian Banking, the advent of adoption of Basel Committee Norms and realisation of the need for observing bonafide corporate governance for redeeming Indian Banking to its fullest glory, are other subjects that find a place. The onset of computerisation of banking operations with rapid qualitative improvement in the delivery of banking service offered to the customer today is aptly described.

The site also includes Sri Kannan's ambition for the realization of a cherished dream, i.e. coming out with the pioneering initiative of organising Learning Circle to promote an interest in continuing education in the minds of working Bank employees to keep us all more competent to deliver, what we are called upon to, in the future-banking service of global dimension.

Of special interest to bank officers, in particular, is the literature on Departmental Inquiry, both for conducting such inquiries and for defending there-against. Detailed profile for the role each officer connected with a departmental inquiry is furnished. The legal supplement ("Knowledge of Law Essential for Public Servants") including the chapters on "Safeguards & Remedies" describes the avenues open to a public Servant put on trial. This and the chapters on "Crime and Punishment" will be of use to build knowledge resources to those officers who desire to specialise as Defence Assisting Officers.

This is in brief or by way of a nutshell. To know more about me and these programmes, please visit the different web-sites, as listed with links provided in the margin to the left for quick access.

The various projects and other contents of this web site carry a unity of thought and a commonness of theme. They are all inter-related logically with each other. You will find inter-programme hyper-links a very common feature. When you view a particular programme you will be suggested to move (jump) to another web-page for more detailed information on the topic on hand. How and why these projects other material are chosen to be included in this web-site; how they serve to make a synthetic whole to contribute towards displaying the path towards welfare of Bank officers; how welfare of Bank officers could make Indian Banking vibrant and powerful and in turn how all these would provide for the progress and well being of the entire society - these issues are more lucidly explained in detail in the web page Content Management.

There is also provision for sending your feedback (either bouquets or brickbats). Either of these will be of immense benefit for improving the site and would be greatly valued by me.

Before you get busy to leave this page, please give me the opportunity to thank you for visiting my web site.

Composition of the Website

The website contains four distinct parts

  1. Stressing Purity In Integrity in Public Life & Services

  2. Preserving Interests of Bank Officers (Preventing Pitfalls)

  3. Pre-empting & Protecting risks faced (After the threats surface)

  4. Promoting the interests of Bank employees & Officers (through Learning Circle)

The 6-Step 20-Point Service Code & Ethics is drawn based on the above four ingredients. These are dealt with in detail in the web page- - MY Message to Fellow Bankmen requesting them to understand the challenges before them & organise safeguards needed

Accepting purity & integrity in public life presupposes also acquiring competency and capacity (in other words 'efficiency'). These are covered in particular by the two projects

  • Integrity In Public Life & Service

  • Group Effectiveness & Group Discipline

The subjects of preserving the interests & Protecting against threats by Bank Officers are covered in detail in the following projects

  • Knowledge of Law Essential for Public Servants

  • Crime & Punishment

  • Safeguards and Remedies for Public Servants

  • How to Conduct/ Defend Departmental Inquiries

After preserving and protecting the interests one desires to further promote the same. This need is recognised through the project "Learning Circle"

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