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Literature Survey - Knowledge Resources Relevant
for Bank Officers

I am a retired Bank officer in the second phase of my career, Supporting myself with the pension and allied benefits, that keeps me independent, self-sufficient and active. Life cannot turn vacant after retirement. Aptly I have chosen a programme of activity that appeal to me in this phase. This is described in the WebPage My Life after Retirement.

After about 40 years of my service, MYBANK has retired me and divested me from involvement in operational banking, which included extensive travel, field commitment and field responsibility. The contract of service is executed and satisfied. But my tryst with the banking profession has not ended. This cannot end. Though not a serving officer now, I continue to be a part of the community of "Bankmen" of this country. My professional qualifications and the experience gained by me are not surrendered on account of retirement. These will be forever retained with me. I continue to be deeply interested in the profession of Banking, Finance and Management. This links me with my serving colleagues, in the banking community.

Indian Banking for the last three decades is a story of Nationalised Banking. Public Sector banks even today account for 80% share of the banking services in India. The spectacular achievement of Public Sector Banking in the last three decades is that it witnessed one of the fastest growth of banking infrastructure and business development in a developing country unprecedented in history. It has its strength and of-course its morbid weaknesses.

When I graduated in the late fifties, the career in banking attracted me. So too the cream of youngsters leaving the colleges and universities, in those days preferred their choice destination - a career in banking. This was so in the Seventies and Eighties. After two decades of continuous growth, came the period of crisis. Business growth still continues, but we feel we are not in the right track. We grow in size, but not in strength. We feel that we are lacking, what we should really possess. In other words the time has set in for a new vision, and a new orientation, to bridge and carry Indian Banking with the aspirations of the Country as a future super economic power in the Global perspective. So it happens whenever there is a quantum jump and quantum growth de-linked with the stress on quality and stability

We have learnt that social enthusiasm and motivation for mass public service alone does not produce the results. Good intentions and good ambition should be followed by concrete perspective and effective & efficient action. Since the Nineties we have started to search and find a new direction for us to march and newer goals to define. We know things have gone wrong. And there is need to perform better and to equip towards the same. The exercise of introspection and stock-taking commenced in early nineties. The country accepted economic reforms. The financial sector reforms and the banking reforms then followed. It is in the midst of this environment I retired on 30.06.1996.

Banking and banking services are important. But more important now is to turn to the service-providers and look to the development and welfare of the Bank Officers. We need talent in this Industry. We need service oriented approach with a tilt towards better quality and better productivity. Those who opposed computerization in government and banks, changed their perspective. And within a few years our country became a superpower in Information technology. We have accepted use of computers in every sphere of our activities today.

Indian Banks have huge financial resources at their disposal. We started with aggregate deposits of about 5000 Crores in the Sixties. We ended the millennium with 10 Lakhs Crores, a 200-hundred-fold growth in three decades. But today we need another and more valuable type of capital. In banking we are short of intangible assets. We need knowledge capital. The industry cannot gather this capital from outside. We cannot go in for a public issue to mobilise intangible assets. Only the employees have to accept the need for higher learning and better knowledge and become depositories of this new resource. How to bring in this change?

Indian Banking is at the roots of Indian economy. Banking has to usher Social Welfare and Bank officers have to be the genius and prodigy to usher the change. But what is the condition of the personnel inventory of Indian Banks today. The crazy enthusiasm exhibited by a large number of employees to get the booty and bid good-bye to the profession, and move away through the exit-doors of the VRS(Voluntary Retirement Schemes) does not convey a rosy picture. It is feared that a segment representing the cream of employees has opted for the Quit. May be the results of VRS were sought after, but the symptoms will not give enthusiasm to anyone interested in the future of Indian Banking. VRS turned to be a buyer's choice and less the seller's obligation. There was noisy demand from the officers of a particular Nationalised Bank,(which earlier did not opt for VRS) short of an agitation that VRS should be introduced and this "facility" should not be denied to them alone. One need also to think that why this phenomenon should take place?

The weighty burden of NPAs in the Industry is the latest emerging symptom and threat indicating that all is not well, as assumed so far. Is it the sickness due to the past surfeit, or a symptom of our present impoverished health? Can RBI or Government of India do some alchemy and solve this problem? They definitely can lend their strength, their expertise and support. But in the final analysis it is the employees, who have to "bell this cat" of driving away past NPA form our midst, and preventing its future influx.

The Projects are my answer and initiative taken to respond to the question I posed to myself "After Retirement What?". And you are seeing in the First Page on this website my sitting before my computer. This is the place of my work. This is my post-retirement office. In fact I started computer learning seriously from 01.07.1996, the very next day after my retirement on 30.06.1996. This is the place of my hobby and recreation. This keeps me alive, active and gives me a link with the wide world through the world wide web. It gives me a joy and pleasure. I do feel that I have not retired, but only recreated.

The personal web site was hosted on the web on 15.02.2002. Even within the first three months I feel that I have transcended an achievement of three years. Additions and updations are a continuous task attended thereafter regularly. I have generated pertinent thought-processes, and a mass of relevant information thereto on these web pages. I have extracted also much from the Internet. It is for you to say, whether it all represents substance or scrap. To view the 'Contents Table" of the different Projects Initiatives and from there to surf to the individual titles please move to

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