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My personal website is an educational initiative. It is not a commercial venture. It is provided gratuitously. It is expressly made clear that I shall not be liable under any pretext for claims of damages alleged as suffered by any person on account of acting on the contents therein. I do not provide investment advice, and this website is not a vehicle for communicating operative instructions. It is intended only for academic support. While all efforts are bestowed to provide correct, accurate and up to date information in the pages on this website, the information included available in the several pages forming part of this website may include or typographical errors or may be stale and obsolete. Changes/improvements are periodically made to the WebPages and to the contents thereon. Opinions expressed in the pages of the website should not be relied for personal, legal or financial decisions. Those who visit the site and consult the pages should also approach a competent professional for specific advice tailored to the situation. Any dispute that may arise is subject to jurisdiction of Courts in Hyderabad (Andhra Pradesh) in India.

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