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Sitting before the personal computer and deeply immersed in thoughts over the proposed website on 14th Feb. 2002, the day when thinking was translated into action. The cherished ambition at that time- "add one web-page to the site per day, without losing quality of content and relevancy".

The First Page

Project Literature Survey - Knowledge Resources
Relevant to Bank Officers

I am a retired Bank Executive, who laid office on 30.06.1996 at New Delhi after forty years of service in various parts of the country. I am settled in Hyderabad with my family members since April 2000, where I am to spend the rest of my retired life.

This personal web site of mine hoisted during February 2002 is an educational initiative aimed towards my humble contribution to Society & Culture, through an analysis of Issues & causes governing welfare of Bank Officers. Why bank officers in particular? Banks and Financial Institutions play a pivotal part in bringing about the needed economic change of the country. Commercial banks accepting the role of development financial institutions act as the catalyst for economic growth and progress of their command are. In turn this leads to social advancement, educational & cultural development, progress and enlightenment all-round.

Institutions providing financial and banking services are dependent on and being sustained by the knowledge and skill resources possessed by the employees of these institutions. The products of these institutions are delivered to the customers through the service extended by their employees. The stock-in-trade of banks constitutes therefore the talent and expertise developed by them, but retained in the possession of the employees. The intangible assets or knowledge capital of a bank is stored and held in trust within the employees.

Obviously the development and motivation of human resources in this industry holds the key for Indian Banking to reach global heights and make our country economically prosperous and powerful. This topic is elaborated and discussed in greater detail in another webpage under title Know about My Personal Website & Definition of its Objectives

And for the elaboration of the rationale in the content-planning and topic-coverage of this website please switch to webpage titled Content Information - What this Web Site Conveys?, while a brief descriptive gist of the profile of each project covered is conveyed in the page titled List of Projects covered.

But what motivated me to engage on this full-time endeavour of website development in my retired life?

Events that Crystallised in my taking up Development of the Literature Project
on the Web as a whole-time Engagement

I planned an ambitious and active career in my retired life. I started preparing for the same right from 01.07.1996, the day after my retirement. These are narrated in my article on webpage titled My Programme for a Second Phase of Career and Activity. But three years and nine months later I suffered a mild brain-stroke. This is a new turn in my life. I could no longer pursue an independent and active life away at Delhi and had to settle back with my caring children at Hyderabad. Partly incapacitated physically, the mind kept its full vigour. AM I lost forever? What to do and how to redeem my ambition? I underwent treatment in the years 2000 (remaining part) and in first half of 2001 and partly regained my health.

I completed my computer education at SSI, Panjagutta, Hyderabad. I took to literature projects relevant for bank officers even in the second half of the year 2001. But how to publish my work and who will finance the project. The offer of Yahoo portal to host personal website on their server free of cost and further offer of provision of web designing and development tools attracted me as a ready solution to translate my cherished ambitions to real achievement.

It is this motivation that has prompted me to shift to serving the cause of Bank Officers after serving the banking institution for 40 years. Information useful and needed by Bank officers to meet both opportunities and threats faced were gathered partly out of my service experience, but mostly from the Internet, the knowledge-Ocean of the Information Age. You can view the titles of the various projects using the link provided in the Menu Bar at the top, and through the hyperlinks you can also switch directly to these titles, if desired. These projects aim at preventing threats, that confront you in your path; preserving your hopes and building confidence in your own efforts in securing your interest and above all in the future of Indian Banking; and promoting your knowledge and proficiency to meet your job requirements with courage and competency; to excel in your performance, and thereby leading you further in your career path.

It is now a year completed since my efforts made a small beginning in February 2002. What are the results - Progress or failures? Please view a brief update with facts and statistics

Before you leave the Home Page, My dear Bankmen of the country, I desire to have a word with you personally. Please consider my request and view the page titled a word with Bank Officers

Those officers who suffer on account of Malice and Victimization in Service, I also have for you a special Message for Charged Officers. Please go through the same and contact me, if needed.

I invite all to visit my site and share my thoughts and experiences. Please hear my Mission. I welcome your understanding and support. And before your leaving my site, please sign the Guest-book and favour me your Feedback

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