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Indian Banking Today & Tomorrow - Project Profile giving
Information about Articles on Indian Banking

The website has covered a total of three projects on the principal subject of Banking, for which it is primarily devoted. Each main project carries ancillary projects. There are a number smaller projects (sub-sets) covering each of the three main projects.

The main projects are-

  1. The first Project on "Indian Banking today & Tomorrow" describes the phase of transition in Indian Banking during the period immediate after the Banking Reforms, commencing from 1991-92 and spreading over a decade. The future of Indian Banking as seen at the beginning of the 21st century represented a unique mixture of unlimited opportunities amidst insurmountable challenges. On the one hand we could see the scenario represented by the rapid process of globalisation presently taking shape bringing the community of nations in the world together, transcending geographical boundaries, in the sphere of trade and commerce, and even employment opportunities of individuals. All these indicate newly emerging opportunities for Indian Banking. But on the darker side we see the accumulated morass, brought out by three decades of controlled and regimented management of the banks in India in the past. It has siphoned profitability of the Government owned banks, accumulated bloated NPA and threatens Capital Adequacy of the Banks and their continued stability. Nationalised banks are heavily over-staffed. The recruitment, training, placement and promotion policies of the banks were leaving much to be desired. In the nutshell the problem is how to shed the legacies of the past and adopt to the demands of the new age. The topic is represented by-

    Indian Banking Today & Tomorrow is the first project. This web page is it introductory or title page and

    List of articles covered the project “Indian Banking Today & Tomorrow”

  2. The Second Project on "Indian Banking in the New Millennium" portrays the rapid strives that we are witnessing in Indian Banking since 1999-00. In recent years, the banking industry has been undergoing stupendous changes, reflecting a number of ongoing reform process.

    1. The most significant developments were brought about by the far reaching advancements in telecommunication and information technology, which have accelerated and broadened the dissemination of financial information while lowering the costs of many financial activities.

    2. A second key impetus for change has been the increasing competition among a broad range of domestic and foreign institutions in providing banking and related financial services.
    3. Third, financial activity has become larger relative to overall economic activity in most economies. This has meant that any disruption of the financial markets or financial infrastructure has broader economic ramifications than might not have been the case previously.

    "Indian Banking in the New Millennium" is devoted to study the momentous changes overtaking Indian Banking Industry in the New Millennium after the implementation of the Reforms under Second Narasimham Committee Report. This is brought out by-

  3. The third Project “Banking Theory & Practice devotes to discussing descriptive/theoretical aspects of Indian Banking as seen in the present days. The project forms part of the learning circle. While the resources under the first and second projects are intended for practising bankers to update their knowledge & information about Indian Banking, the project under Learning Circle is intended to gain basic knowledge about banking theory and practice for students of Management studies in India with Banking as a subject for specialisation and as a reference source for new entrants to the banking organization. It is represented by-

The two ancillary projects and seven sub-sets of the under Main Project - "Indian Banking Today & Tomorrow- are:

  1. “Corporate Governance": This defined by Experts of the OECD "as the system by which business corporations are directed and controlled. According to them the corporate governance structure specifies the distribution of rights and responsibilities among different participants in the corporation, such as, the Board, managers, shareholders and other stakeholders, and spells out the rules and procedures for making decisions on corporate affairs. By doing this, it provides the structure through which the company objectives are set, and also provides the means of attaining those objectives and monitoring performance. This ancillary project is covered by-

  2. The second ancillary project deals with “Risk Management in Indian Banking. Simply speaking, a risk is any uncertainty about a future event that threatens your organization's ability to accomplish its mission. Business is a trade off between risk and return. There can be no risk-free or zero risk-oriented business. This is due to the fact that the concept of a "project" implies effecting current investment, for a future activity, and a future gain after the "project-construction period" is over, referred as the "gestation period". Changes in the intervening period can be either ways. When such changes are adverse, when there is time-overrun or cost escalation, the investment in the project comes to grief even before the project is completed. There can also be several unexpected developments both internal and from the external environment that can render your project calculations go awry. Risk management is a discipline for dealing with the possibility that some future event will cause harm. It provides strategies, techniques, and an approach to recognizing and confronting any threat faced by an organization in fulfilling its mission. The sub-project is covered by

There are smaller projects (sub-sets) of each of the three main projects. There are seven sub-sets of the main project "Indian Banking Today & Tomorrow".

These are listed as under

  1. Economic, Banking and Financial Reforms

  2. Prudential Norms

  3. Basel Accord 1988

  4. Second Basel Accord

  5. Credit Information Bureau Limited

  6. The virus of NPA in Indian Banking

  7. NPA contained since year 2003 thanks to Banking Reforms

  8. Parameters for assessing the Quality of Banks

  9. RBI Supervision of Banks in the liberailsed regulatory Regime

Ancillary Projects under Main Project - Indian Banking in the New Millenium
  1. The Securitisation and Reconstruction of Financial Assets and Enforcement of Security Interest Act, 2002 (Act No. 54 of 2002)

  2. Technology in Banking - Advent of Computerisation in Indian Banking.

  3. Banking & Financial Services

The smaller projects forming sub-sets of the main project -"Indian Banking in the new Millennium are-

  1. Customer Oriented Articles

  2. RBI support to Banks -PCA & LAF

  3. CRR and SLR

  4. Prudential Investments by Banks

  5. KYC & Money Laundering

These can be viewed easily from Table of contents of the second Project

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