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Development of my personal website was taken during the quarter of the year 2002. The initial progress during first three years was rapid. The website became popular and was regularly accessed by a good number of public servants in India and scholars and students from India, as well from different countries. A good number of viewers signed the Guest Book and conveyed their comments.

The website was originally started with a sub-domain address thanks to free web hoisting facility provided by Yahoo-Geocities. The full benefit of 15MB server space provided by Yahoo Geocities was soon exhausted. The website enhanced to 75MB space under Yahoo Geocities-plus in the year 2003. The URL of the Home Page of the personal website continued to be – However in the beginning of the year 2005 there was a set-back.

There was heavier demand from harassed public servants seeking my assistance in the disciplinary cases launched against them and vexatious prosecutions by CBI. The needed full time attention. Personal website could not be devoted time by me years 2005 to 2009. Consequently several pages came to carry stale information, for want of necessary additions/modifications being carried out. In the current year I could secure personal domain name for the website (http:/ I have now taken up updations of the several pages of the website in right earnest. However it is a huge and may take a few months to be completed. It is planned to bring additions to the website along with updations in due course

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