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Life After Retirement

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Retirement - The Conclusion of a Long
Journey in Life

I had an eventful career in MYBANK for 40 years between 1957 and 1997, benefiting several opportunities and overcoming several challenges. These are described in detail in web pages titled "My Page" and "My Encounters In My Service".

I retired from MYBANK (albeit "honourably") on 30.06.1996. My terminal dues were however settled one year later. What were my feeling when I retired? How did I looked upon my future life away from the environment of the active and event-crowded past career?

The web pages on "Life After Retirement" portrays the graphic feeling on the eve of this memorable day and the efforts I am eagerly making for an equally active life in the post-retirement phase, despite my health getting impaired on account of a mild stroke I suffered in March 2000 at Delhi. I thereafter settled back at Hyderabad with my children, with whom I was separated for more than 20 years.

It is now my ardent desire to be less of a burden (dependence) on others and to be of as much of serviceable as possible to my fellow bankmen (serving and retired) that I could strive for. These web pages are my humble response towards my finding an answer to this goal. It is my desire to make my website dynamic and include at least one page on every working day. MYBANK has provided me sufficient resources to look after my remaining years. My quest now will be the pursuit of KNOWLEDGE and objective is for SERVICE to fellow bankmen.

A man in profession, or in service as an executive in a reputed organization earns and gathers a wealth of knowledge and experience over his long tenure of his career secured from real life situations and interactions with hundred of distinguished persons. This knowledge accumulation is the asset that I will be depending upon in the second phase of my career i.e. the remaining years of my retired life. This is a wealth that can be preserved and promoted only by continuously using it and sharing it. Stored and kept dormant it fades and depreciates fast.

The articles on 'Life After Retirement' consists of eight web pages followed by an epilogue. The first eight pages deal about retirement in general and the epilogue is devoted to share my thoughts regarding my own planning for my remaining years.

It is projected that the present pattern of improved longevity in life, and low fertility will result in the next 20 years in the aged people forming a majority of the population in western countries. However it may take some more decades for this situation to develop in India.

Consequently problems of the aged and the social effects of looking after large number of surviving older people in our society, have become an urgent and important topic for analysis and discussion. The United Nations General Assembly is seized of this problem, so also several associations of and for Senior Citizens. Diverse dimensions of this problem are therefore described and analysed in the accompanying web pages in the initial chapters, while my own personal plans are incorporated in the "Epilogue".

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