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Policy & Terms of Service Governing the Website

I restate my earlier statement in my first page that this personal web site of mine is an educational initiative aimed towards my humble contribution to Society & Culture, through an analysis of Issues & causes governing welfare of Bank Officers. The objectives of my website are more clearly spelt out on the page Know About My Personal Website & Definition of its Objectives and further supplemented in the page Content Information - What this Web Site Contains? The events bordering the starting of this venture of hosting the web site are described My Programme for a Second Phase of Career and Activity

The policy governing the website including terms & conditions for the use of contents by persons who surf my website are expressed as under based on the aforesaid objectives

  1. The website is intended primarily for officers in the banking and financial sectors. It also caters to post graduate students specialising in the subjects of banking, finance and management

  2. It is my maiden attempt in web designing with meagre investment. While the website is developed and maintained exclusively through my own efforts availing web-hosting facilities and tools provided by Yahoo Small Business Web Hosting Initiative, it is proposed to solicit contributions from eminent professionals and also from the PG students who are assigned special study and preparation of Case Studies & project reports on Subjects relating to the domains of interest to the website.

  3. The contents of the website may be freely downloaded by interested persons copied or printed and used for bonafide educational needs. However online articles by other authors reproduced on my website with their permission is subject to the copyright stipulation by those original authors.

  4. The website is targeted for the benefit of the beginners in the study of the subjects covered. However it is to supplement what they learn from the textbooks. Basic information and fundamentals of the subject are therefore skipped. You will not find articles on "Contract Act" or "Negotiable Instruments Act" or about "Banker & Customer Relations"

  5. Finally the use of my website is subject to the Disclaimer Clause specified on this website.

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